Epilepsy resources and information for parents

Information and Resources for Parents

CeCe Cares was founded by parents of a child diagnosed with epilepsy that truly understand the need for information when caring for a special needs child. For the Cunninghams, these resources were not as easy to find as they would have liked. Therefore, the foundation seeks to provide easy access to the non-clinical resources every parent dealing with Pediatric Epilepsy needs. That means links to helpful articles and epilepsy-related websites – and eventually a platform to reach out to other parents and experts.

In addition, CeCe cares also recognizes the financial burden placed upon families and caregivers responsible for individuals affected by intractable forms of childhood epilepsies. To help ease this burden, we make financial donations to organizations who help families pay for their child's clinical treatment.  

CeCe Cares Pediatric Epilepsy Foundation
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