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Family Profiles in Courage

Keithan and Carlin Hutchins

Keithan and Carlin Hutchins are brothers who were both diagnosed with epilepsy within a short period of time. They both find confort in cuddling with their CeCe Bears. Below is a letter sent to us from the boys' mom, sharing their unique story:

Oh my goodness!! I have looked for something like this for a long time! I have seen "Monkey in my Chair" for cancer patients, but never ran across a stuffed animal specifically for children suffering with epilepsy. Thank God for people like you! My name is Mollie Campbell. I have two boys, Keithan-7 and Carlin-2. Both started having febrile seizures at age 1 1/2. Keithan has been diagnosed since age 4 and is currently on two medications which do not completely control his seizures. I am writing this email from his hospital room at Children's of Alabama in Birmingham. He is on the 5th night of his third visit to the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit in this hospital. I ran across your website while looking into Danny Did updates. Danny Did sent him a bed monitor a few years back and we in turn hosted a bake sale here in Alabama. Last year, I started an epilepsy walk in my county, but since we are in the hospital, we did not get to have the walk again this year. As a parent of children with seizures, I know the pain we feel watching our children fight for control of their own body. However, I am fortunate that I still have my babies here with me. I am deeply saddened to know that this ugly monster robbed you of that pleasure. I am also I awe of parents like you and the Stantons who take your tragedy and pain and turn it into something positive. Thank you so much for the joy you have brought to children's lives with your CeCe bear. The hospital my son is in has lions they give out on your first visit but knowing that there is a family out there that focuses on Epilepsy babies makes my day. God has a special place for moms and dads like you.

God bless,
Mollie Campbell

We are happy to help bring comfort to this deserving family!

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